Weald away run

  • Weald Village Hall Hurst Ln Sevenoaks Weald, TN14 6PR United Kingdom

We are away this Saturday 5th Oct - We will be starting from the Village Green in Weald Village. I have not completely decided which route we will take, but the most likely one is rather more gentle on the hills than you will be used to. It tends to be rolling rather than up and down (I know I am likely to have that quoted back to me on Sat, but that is my recollection of it !).

On the 'not up for discussion side' is that this is a stunning route though lovely countryside and best done before it gets too wet and muddy. We have done a run from here once before and I hardly got sworn at, at all - so it must be good.

Parking is at the village hall on far side of the green - see map (ie the other side to the school/ and pub) and is only a 5 min drive from Sevenoaks. 

I will be able to offer lifts for those that want - please let me know. 

Ian will be running and between us can offer a short course to help those that want to be back by 9 am'ish to get back for kids at Hollybush. If you need this please let me know - so I can confirm with Ian

Lars - said he would be running his group too - although most of you can go up a level when you want to. PS He may be using his Nordic map reading skills, which is an inherited ability, passed form generation to generation, to be able to navigate across large plains of featureless snow without getting lost - so you should be safe but could be late ! 

POST RUN COFFEE - Ian has booked the pub on the opposite side of the green (The Windmill PH - I think).  My understanding is bacon sarnies were unconfirmed at point of booking