Back to Running Course starts January 12th 2019

Oaks Blokes Back to running course

Whether you have had 6 months or 6 years away from running, the Oaks Blokes Back to Running Course may be just to kick you need to get back to fitness. 

The course is designed for complete beginners through to those people who can at least remember the last time they ran for a bus. If you run a bit already, we will assess you on the first session and make sure we put you in the most suitable group for your needs. 

This is a 6 week course on a Saturday morning at 8am. Most runs start from the free car park at Hollybush Recreation Ground but occasionally the run will start elsewhere so you can enjoy the trails around Sevenoaks.



So what do you get for your £50….

  • You will be supported by qualified Run England leaders.

  • Our training plan will get you from walking to running at least 5K by the end of the course

  • You will be running in a group with other men in the same boat as you

  • Run beautiful routes through Knole Park and surrounding countryside

  • We will give you specific stretch coaching to help prevent injuries

  • You will be encouraged to join other members for post run coffees on Saturdays

  • We will send you weekly information relevant to your developing running needs

  • Perhaps most importantly you should have a good laugh and make some new friends

OK you have got this far down the page and are still reading so you are nearly there (almost fitter and healthier). The hardest bit is you making the initial commitment - once you do that, we will take care of the rest.

Back to Running course - January 2019
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We look forward to meeting you in January at the start of your course.

Best wishes, David