Membership of Oaks Blokes costs £30 for 12 months

All our sessions require you to become a member bar a free trial run (available to anyone thinking of joining on their first run) and specific ‘Back to Running’ or ‘Beginner’ Courses. Membership runs Jan-Jan. If you join part year through, you just pay the relevant amount left – i.e June would be £15 (6 months into year). Therefore add to cart option is only available for those paying for full year membership.

Cost per session: 

Oaks Blokes has a currency of 'Tokens' which can be used for any of our regular sessions. We prefer our members to purchase ten tokens at one time but will supply in smaller amounts to a minimum of 4 tickets direct from coaches.

Oaks Blokes tokens £4.50 per token, £45.00 for ten tokens.

Cash payments on the day will be charged at £5 to cover the additional handling costs

Non Members wishing to attend can pay a session rate of £6 on attendance

Ten Oaks Blokes running tokens

How do I pay?

Membership Fees & tokens can be paid for by adding to the cart if you are purchasing a full years membership or 10 tokens.

If you are unable to make on line payments as above we do accept cash or cheques made payable to Ladies Joggers UK (our parent company).  

£75 will buy you one full year's membership and ten run tokens or pay either amount on its own for just membership (£30) or just run tokens (£45)

No need to send an e-mail when buy on line, I will be automatically notified of your payment. We will give you the tokens next time you attend. 

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