December 2013


...I have been running with Oaks Blokes now for just under a year. I joined the beginners group last January and when I first joined I could barely run a mile never mind a 10K.  

Now, nearly a year later I can run a 10K reasonably comfortably... yes, I still get the odd bad day but I am sure every one gets those occasionally and I will be attempting my first ever half marathon in March, something I would have laughed at a year ago.  I have lost 3 stone in weight with the hope of losing more to come and feeling so much fitter then I did.

I really appreciate all you, Duncan, Lars, Gerry and especially Ian, have done for me over this last year. You have all made feel welcome inspite of my hearing problem which I am sure is not the easiest of things to deal with when running. 

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year and if you could pass this on to all the coaches as I do not have all their email addresses and if you would like to use this as a testimony to encourage people to to join then do feel free to do so.

Also many thanks for the Christmas meal it was one of the best I had ever been to I don't normally do these things due to my hearing but i am so glad I did.

Best wishes, David


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