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Welcome to Oaks Blokes - The club for non runners, occasional runners and 'want to be better' runners.

We are a non-competitive group of slow runners. The main group runs for about 1 hour, maybe 5 to 10 minutes longer on a Saturday and 10 minutes shorter on a Wednesday. I lead them at about a 10 - 11 min mile speed (sometimes slower). Those that want to work a bit harder either loop around or I set them a slightly longer route in places. The Saturday run is about 5.5. To 6 miles.

There is also a more steady running group (or a slower group) on a Saturday. They run about 4 to 4.5 miles.

Wednesdays tend to be either a speed session, a hill session or a run with some cross type training or if people are feeling tired we go out for a gentle run of about 4 miles (it is after all meant to be enjoyable). The speed and hill sessions are set so you work as hard (or not) as you like - so they are intended for runners of all/any speed or ability. Saturdays is off road through beautiful countryside and the Wednesday run is on road currently (due to daylight hours).

In early January we will be starting a New Beginners or Back to Running course for those that currently don't do any fitness at all. This is suitable to take anyone no matter how unfit (subject to medical conditions) to go from nothing to running 5K within a 8 week period. It starts very gently with a mix of running and walking for about 1 minute of each and repeated about 10 times. It builds up each week from there. This will also be on Saturday mornings at 08.00am.

We are extremely lucky to have the wonderful Knole Park on our doorstep,  but you should also note that about once every 3 to 4 weeks on a Saturday, I get the group (not beginner courses) to start at a different venue within 3 or 4 miles of Sevenoaks, so I can show them some different areas/footpaths locally. Post run Saturday we tend to go to Hollybush coffee shop (or the closest one to where we are) and drink cappuccino and chat. The coffee and the chat are an important part of a Saturday run.

You don't need to join on the first run you have with Oaks Blokes - you can see if you like us first, come for a run at no cost, no commitment - then decide after.

Remember getting the motivation to come to the first run is the hardest part. You are very welcome to join the club and run whenever it works for you. Do by all means give me a call if you want to talk about it - David on 07799 476647

I hope to hear back from you soon!! If you want to talk any aspects through with me just call me.

Best wishes, David