Are you a Rusty, or even a Non Runner?

Rusty Runners
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“I haven’t run for a while, so I’m not fit enough to run with Oaks Blokes”
“I’m not going to humiliate myself by holding everyone up”
“I’m enjoying my Saturday lay in, I’ll start running after New Year”
“I'm putting on a pound or two, oh well, let’s leave the six pack until next summer”

If any of the above is you and you want to start to get back into shape for the summer, we are running a four week Rusty Runners course starting Saturday 13th June and ending Saturday 4th July.

Rusty Runners is for both lapsed Oaks Blokes runners and also friends or colleagues, who, in your opinion, would benefit from, and enjoy, a four week coached course to get them back or started in running.  

Ian will be coaching the course; he has had the privilege of coaching four “Get Back to Running” courses and the four week course will be a distillation of all that he has learned on those courses and delivered, each Saturday, from 8:00am over a four week period.  The cost of the course is £25 for Blokes, £35 for non members.

Before committing to this, please take a look at this article  

'Bring a Bloke' day is next Saturday 23rd May

This Saturday, we are running a group as a taster for the Rusty Runners course.  If you feel this is for you, come along; if you know someone who you think would like to come along, both their run and yours, as an introducer, will be free of charge.


... and of course there's coffee afterwards!