We're planning to start up a 7am Sat morning run, starting 1st Feb 2014, for a 6 week course. This run is intended for the following runners :

  1. Those Oaks Blokes runners who cannot make 8am Sat run, but not beginners.
  2. Runners who would like to train for 10k or half marathon runs.
  3. Runners who are looking for some extra mileage, prior to main 8am run, perhaps as part of Marathon Training, or to warm up.
  4. Runners will need ordinary trainers, not trail shoes.

The run will be back at Hollybush in time for 8am run. Runs will be a combination of road runs, or runs on the hard tracks in the Knole Park. The runs will be structured around who joins these runs, but are likely to involve, speed or hill sessions, timed runs over fixed distances to measure improvements.
To participate runners will just need oaks blokes token (£3.50 each). The start date for these runs will be 8 weeks before Paddock Wood Half (30th March 2014), 6 weeks before 7oaks 10K (16th March 2014), and if successful, would be repeated, a similar period before Tonbridge Half Marathon (28th Sept 2014).
If you are interested please let me know.... Duncan