Brighton Marathon 12th April 2015

Well done to David Raynor (05:55:00) & Calum Watson (04:31:47) who both successfully completed their first marathon at Brighton yesterday, in the sun 

When asked whether it was warm Calum said "Yep, from about the 3 hr mark in it started to get a bit toasty - have the sunburn to prove it! I wanted under 4:30 if possible but for a first one I'm very happy with it.

Great day, great crowd support and well organised. I feel like I have a 90 year old man's knees though..."
David said - "slower then I had hoped but hey oh got the medal" and also "Sore you wait till tomorrow though"

Well done also for Ian Walker, who went down to Brighton, to make sure they were supported, and encouraged, maybe next year Ian?