Wed night run - 18th March 2015 - I've left the dinner on!!!

After a quiet enjoyable, gentle run last Wednesday night (18/3/15), and almost an attendance of our great leader David, he unexpectedly had to leave us in a hurry after just a few metres, when he came up with an excuse, which went straight to the top of the "oaks blokes excuses Top Ten" , when he said, "I think, no I know, I have left the dinner cooking in the oven, so sorry chaps, I'll have to go home to turn it off!", before I could even explain the route we were taking, so he could join us later, he was off in a flash. It was the most I could do to stop the others joining him, when they also remembered, that they too had left the dinner in the oven..........but obviously I wasn't going to fall for that one twice!!

So one idea for this years Christmas Present for David, perhaps could be an instruction booklet, on "how to operate the Oven Timer, on your oven, so it turns itself on & off".

So what to do this weeks Wed night run(25/3/15), well with that excuse used up, maybe they'll be some more to follow, but please make them more believable, and to be honest, I think they should be written by either your other half, or oldest child, ok is that clear.