Poor Investment - Shows No Rise

At the request of many of the group I had agreed to run some 10K training sessions prior to the Brighton (very competitive those high flying city lot!). Having completed a fairly tough (well, only one man down) ‘tempo’ session the previous week, I spent some time looking into different types of hill sessions (time well invested, I thought). In particular, I was looking for something a little more gentle than the normal steep hills I use. I had found some interesting research from Scandinavia that I thought it was the ticket.

Now, I knew that it was going to be a bit of a hard sell at 8am on a Saturday morning, (I had done financial sales many years ago, so I know hard sell). The pitch was going to have to be spot on, but on the other hand, they had asked for it, so I shouldn’t have to work that hard.  33 members collected together at the start.  I gave an outline of the session (you know the sort of thing, “easy running a possible a gently slope of two, but as much down as up”). I didn’t feel I could soften it any further without actually lying. Now, I was never going to get 100%. Surprisingly, the vote was 100% - against ! Bloody democracy !!

So just to balance the failure of my investment, which was about as successful as the current American fiscal policy, we went on a nice route through the mud. I got them disorientated in the woods – the picture is what it looks like when you tell them to make there own way home – clear decisive men of action (I think not).

A Serious Note of Concern.

PS - Gents, I have noted some slacking on behalf of several of you on the coffee drinking front (I know the service was slow) but this week was one of the cheapest bills I have had for months. You guys just need to put in a bit more effort – I even heard some vaguely sensible conversations … I really don’t know what has happened to some of you.

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