Dads Army In Sevenoaks

Todays run report will be shorter than normal but I didn’t want to miss on reporting a few cameo moments.  There were always going to be lower numbers that usual with the Brighton 10K tomorrow.  Andy arrived in time, having taken Lars advice to set his alarm if you if going drinking the night before. Andy is still quite young and probably needs the Advice from an old wiser head. Regardless of low numbers the trusty few lined up for team photos, you will note that Duncan L is now becoming self conscious of his age as he approached 60 years,  tries to hide his face at the 'smile' moments (see photo1).

Now it was a hard frost at 8am this morning and some of us (myself included) were wishing we were not wearing shorts, whilst making bravado comments, " it's not that cold for a trained man". I can exclusively now reveal, it was, actually!

Remco was showing off some trendy 1970’s ear muffs. Like something Pikes mother might have knitted for him. (see photo2)

We set off as one group, with the faster members zig-zagging up the gallops whilst Lars, with Duncan H, led his merry 'Home Guard' straight up the middle (looking something like corporal Jones and Godfrey, and I can tell you Lars, "they don't like it up then …." at least not based on the the comments I heard. (Photo 3 and 4)

Will (private Walker), having had the piss taken out of him in last weeks blog, clearly thought sod this for a game of solders, I am not running with that fast lot two weeks in a row. 

Mean while, with the white frost still heavily on the ground, Lars was reminiscing about his time training with The Swedish army. He even demonstrated the army down hill skiing position, with Andy following his lead (see photo 5).

Remco made the jump up to the front group, after feeling he had not been. Working hard enough of the past few weeks. The very hilly first half of the run was accompanied by the, compare and contrast, the difference between the flatness of Holland and the undulations of Kent. He found it hard going, reflecting "We are all Doomed" … (well OK this is a stretch but we don't have any Scot members !!)

It was a beautiful run, with the sun shining and the multi coloured  leaves  on the trees (every bit as good in its own way as anywhere, never mind New England).  We arrived back early, having decided that coffee was more important that valour in this running army. We found our sergeant Wilson (Gerry) already engrossed chatting to Joan, with a large coffee in the lodge. Here was a man saving himself for a sub 45min 10K tomorrow.

Great run with you guys – thanks very much !!    

Captain George Mainwaring