Santa Has Come !

Actually, I have photographic evidence that he and a couple of hundred helpers have been and gone, but back to this later. Today was a very bad day for about 30 young Sevenoak’s kids. Evil parents dragged them to Knole House to run, this is after all is the top Christmas shopping day prior to the event (why aren’t Mum and Dad shopping for me, I know I can’t ask because, if you ask you don’t get, apparently), and if this was not bad enough on its own, they then destroyed their children’s final hopes of believing in Santa claus (Now kids can be fairly gullible, even with 200 father Christmas’s running around Knole Park, but even we know that Mum and Dad dressed as Santa can not be right !!).

It was very funny. As I walked around taking photos of various groups, I was constantly chuckling to myself. This is an event, that if you are getting stressed by the idea of Christmas approaching, is a must go. No matter how bad it is, you are going to laugh at some point. My personal favorite was 200 Santas following Jane and Sam (SLJ) leading the warm up,  (photo of 200ish backsides of Santas attached).

Oaks Blokes in attendance – Jonty, David S, David F, Gerry, Tim S (not running), Greg H (back after last years trouser incident) and myself. Great to see you there and great to be a part of it. I am not sure that on reflection the pictures don’t by themselves paint a perfect blog without any further addition.