Confessions of a Coach – Blog Special

The Easter run was moved last minute to the bluebell woods in and around Shoreham. Having done it on the Thursday before, I could not let those willing to come out on a Bank Holiday weekend miss out on this exceptional experience. Now I know you regular runners with me will by now probably consider yourselves experts on beautiful runs and particularly bluebell woods, so another one might be a bit like that John Cleese trailer about Venice with the voice over saying …. ‘and here are more F…ing gondola’s’.  

Still as advertised in the hard sell on the e-mail circulation prior to the run, it gave everything promised and more. We were a smaller band than usual and with only Gerry and myself as coaches some of the steady runners were looking around hoping to spot Ian or Lars. In fact the ‘Special Needs Section’ had already taken the tip from Lars and failed to turn up.

Now when I say it delivered all I promised and more (I do have to confess that the ‘and more’ bit may be rather more hills than promised). I had never really considered it why you lot moan about the hill descriptions so much. However, when I head we had done 1200 feet of climbing during the run and that was 3 times the amount we had done the previous week in Knole Park it made me think. I first got into running seriously when living in Shoreham 20 odd years ago. The run we did was one of may many regulars around the area – therefore that’s my ‘Norm’ as far as hills go – all my descriptions are based on that norm. So I confess in hindsight to slightly under exaggerating the level of hills in some pre run descriptions.

All future descriptions guaranteed to be spot on !!!!